shampoo has many benefits for your hair. It helps reduce hair loss, promotes hair growth, eliminates dandruff on the scalp, and prevents scalp dryness. Not only that but it also prevents dandruff from spreading and nourishes the scalp for you to achieve the healthiest hair.

Similar to the shampoo, their conditioner helps reduce hair loss too. In fact, it will strengthen your hair roots and restore, then maintain your natural hair moisture.


SERUM-This water-based product makes absorption so much easier on your locks. Although it is a combination of olive, castor and grapeseed oils, it will not leave your hair sticky or oily. Gone are the days where you put on a product that makes you look like a hot mess!

This serum can thicken your hair, darken your white hairs, help with any lice problems, and most importantly – reduce hair loss.

Hair emergencies can be solved on the spot as the packaging is flexible and easy to bring about – definitely, a handbag essential that leaves your hair sorted out, smelling good, and refreshed! For Muslim-users, this serum is wudhu-friendly.


    Step One - Shampoo
    How to Use
    Wet the hair until it hits the scalp, then evenly apply the shampoo liquid on the hair and scalp. Gently massage the scalp for 2-3 minutes with Faith Fleur hairloss shampoo then rinse with water until clean.

    Step Two - Conditioner
    How to Use
    Clean the hair from the effects of shampoo then spread the conditioner liquid on the hair only, avoid contact with the scalp then leave for 2-3 minutes. Finally rinse with water until clean.

    Step Three - Serum
    How to Use
    Squeeze to the palms and rub, then flatten all over the hair and scalp. Can also be used when the hair is still wet.


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