Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Hair care is a challenge for women and for those who are always busy with career commitments or with family.

Now men are also starting to show interest in hair care so that they are willing to spend thousands of ringgit.

Many are wondering what the function of this Faith Fleur Serum actually is and what the ingredients are used to become the 'CRAZY' of the people.

Among the factors that make this serum a consumer craze is ablution friendly. Users do not have to worry if using while performing prayers.

For your information, this Faith Fluer Serum is a 'HOT SELLER' item with an affordable price of $12 only. This Faith Fleur Hair Serum comes in a size of 65 milliliters (ml) that is water-based and smells soft and fresh.

Among the ingredients found in Faith Fleur Serum is Cyclopentasiloxane which gives softness and shine to the hair.

This will increase the user's confidence to be more enthusiastic and confident in front of the community.

Cyclomethicone softens and makes hair soft when wet.

In addition, Olive Oil also has a high protein content can help soften hair as well as kill lice and gray hair and help hair growth.

It seems that the ingredients used in this Faith Fleur Serum are able to solve user problems.

Not least also the content of Vitamin E which can stimulate hair capillaries which aims to smooth the blood flow in the scalp.

Vitamin E also contains antioxidants that are effective in preventing premature graying. It can also promote hair growth.

Surely many do not want to look old when this premature gray hair appears.

Castor oil can reduce dandruff, reduce itchy scalp problems and strengthen and thicken hair.

Grape Seed Oil is one of the ingredients that can also maintain hair moisture as well as help with brittle and brittle hair.

This serum also helps treat dandruff and dry scalp.

Surely users who use this serum can see the change in their hair in a short time.

Advantages of Hair Serum (Anti-Frizz)

  • Reduces hair loss problems

  • Eliminates dandruff

  • Thickens and softens hair

  • Repair damaged and dry hair

  • Fragrance to the hair

Way to use

  • Use twice a day.

  • Can be used when the hair is damp and dry.

  • Squeeze into palms and rub, then flatten to entire hair and scalp.

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